Stanover (Stanozolol tablets) Vermodje 100 tabs


Stanover (Stanozolol tablets) Vermodje 100 tabs

Manufacturer: VERMODJE

Basic substance :Stanozolol

package : x 100

Category : Oral Steroids


STANOVER(STANOZOLOL)tablets is one of the  best in cutting cycles. Excellent strength increasers.



Stanover (Stanozolol tablets) Vermodje 100 tabs


Stanover Vermodje is a mild anabolic steroid, known as Stanozolol tablets. It is used by men and women in the sport to gain lean muscle mass, increase strength and burn fat.

Stanover pills is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It has a high anabolic effect, but shows low androgenic activity, and does not aromatize, the onset of gynecomastia and water retention can not be obtained during a cycle with this steroid. Stanozolol pills has the ability to improve fat burning, and is therefore a preferred anabolic steroid in cutting cycles in the pre-competition period of bodybuilders. It gives a lot of strength without significantly increasing body weight, and can build a strong, high-quality muscle mass that remains long after stopping the drug.

Uses and dosage :

An average daily dosage for male bodybuilders is approximately 35-75 mg (if the drug is taken in the oral form). As for the injectable form, an average dosage of Stanover is about 25 to 50 mg .The daily dose should be divided into two supposed equals because of the short half-life of the steroid. It leads to good results when combined with Masteron, Parabolan or Primobolan.


Side effects:

Due to its chemical structure, Stanover provides action on a sportsman’s liver. The liver damage caused by the oral form is more than that from the injectable drug’s version. Therefore, taking Stanozolol in injections is considered to be more beneficial for bodybuilders.

To prevent this action, bodybuilders should limit the length of their steroid treatment or take some drugs which can protect their liver against that kind of damage.

As many other steroids, Stanover can also affect cholesterol levels in the human body. The influence on cholesterol levels depends on the daily dosage and duration of Stanozolol cycle. The oral form influences the cholesterol levels more significantly than the injectable one.

Unfortunately, Stanover provides certain negative actions. A few to mention are the following:

Cardiac hypertrophy;
Increased cholesterol and liver values;
Allergic reactions;
Sleeping problems, etc.




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