R-6 PURE .MEDITECH 10 X 5mg.vial(1ml/vial)


Manufacturer: MEDITECH .

basic substance :GHRP-6.

package : 10x 5mg.vial (1ml/vial)

Category : peptides


R-6 increases the natural production of human growth hormone in the body and thus have the same positive effects as synthetic human growth hormone such as fat loss, extremely increase appetite, better sleep and recovery.



R-6 PURE .MEDITECH 10 X 5mg.vial(1ml/vial)


R-6 PURE is an injectable peptide used for the formation of GHRP growth hormone. The main use of GHRP-6 is to provide high levels of GH leading to increased levels of IGF-1. This causes the loss of fat mass much more strongly than the gain of muscle mass.

R-6 PURE is particularly recommended for the effect of increased appetite, although this may seem rather negative for most users. This is due to the fact that a peptide called ghrelin which is a lining of the stomach. Once released, it increases hunger. Another of these utilities is its proven effectiveness in reducing inflammation but also for injuries and particularly tendinitis

One of the peculiarities of the use of GHRP-6 is the improvement of the muscular mass and this thanks to its association with other peptides and / or anabolic steroids. It has the second effect the melting of fat which can be a positive effect as much as negative according to the individuals. It is also recognized for the aesthetic improvement of the skin. And finally, it was recognized that he was excellent at healing wounds.

Uses and dosage :

The regular dose is 600 mcg to 900 mcg /day for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.

Side effects:

G-6 like GHRP-6 causes an intense increase in appetite. While this is a valid strategy for athletes and bodybuilders, without the necessary discipline, this can mean you just end up putting extra weight. It can result in opposite results to what you wanted.
Not the strongest in the family –G-6 is the one with penultimate potency. There are two members of the G-6 family which are stronger. However, compared to their side effects, G-6 makes a lot more sense.
Drop in body sugar – The use of G-6 is associated with a fall in blood sugar. This is frequently known to cause headaches. Diet adjustments an help the user adjust his –  her body sugar level to match the drop. With time, as the body gets used to the G-6 administration these headaches disappear.
Not cleared by FDA – G-6 is not cleared by FDA for human consumption. Athletes and bodybuilders still get it by purchasing it for research purposes, but it cannot be ignored that a substance that has not been cleared should be regarded with a certain hesitation.



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