Manufacturer:BIO-PEPTIDE .

asic substance : Fragment de HGH 176-191.

package : 1 x 10ml.vial

Category : peptides

HGH frag 176-191 is an absolutely safe peptide that acts only on adipose tissue, separates it and promotes muscle growth.



HGH FRAGMENT 176-191 BIO PEPTIDE 5mg 10ml.vial

HGH FRAGMENT  is one of many synthetic met-enkephalin analogs that include unnatural D-amino acids that have been developed for their growth hormone releasing activity and are known as growth hormone secretagogues. GHRP-6 is a true HGH secretagogue.

This growth hormone releasing peptide is distinct from GHRH and does not act at the GHRH receptor, but acts at the level of the secretagogue receptor for growth hormone, now renamed ghrelin receptor.
It has a strong effect on the release of human growth hormone (HGH). Dosed at night for anti-aging purposes and several times throughout the day for anabolism. GHRP is often used in conjunction with GHRH CJC-1295 to boost the GH pulse. GHRP can be used effectively in the treatment of GH deficiency. The main use is to promote food intake by stimulating hunger and help in energy metabolism. The major side effect is a significant increase in appetite due to stimulation of the release of Ghrelin, a hormone naturally released into the lining of the stomach and increases hunger and gastric emptying.

The HGH fragment is a modified form of amino acids 176-191 of the human growth hormone polypeptide (GH). This peptide, as the name suggests, is a piece of the 191 amino chain that makes growth hormone, positions 176 to 191 to be exact. This fragment has been shown to induce lipolysis, or fat breakdown, and even inhibit lipogenesis, which is the transformation of food products into stored fat in the body.

Research studies have shown that these situations are just as good for humans and animals. This short amino acid chain that make up Fragment 176 is only about 10% of the length of the entire strand of growth hormone and appears to have no other typical positive or negative effects than the hormone of growth such as actual tissue growth or insulin resistance.

Uses and dosage :

A typical beginner’s consumption would be:
200mcg before breakfast
200mcg 30 minutes before training
About 5 to 7 days /week – subcutaneous injections

A typical intermediary would be:
250mcg before breakfast
250mcg 30 minutes to training
About 5-7 days a week – subcutaneous injections

Anticipated consumption would be:
200mcg before breakfast
200mcg before lunch
200mcg 30 minutes before training
Seven days a week – subcutaneous injections
At least 3 hours should separate at dosing several times a day


Side effects:

The side effects most commonly associated with the Bio HGH Fragment peptide are few but may include: redness or pain at the injection site, excessive sleepiness or lethargic sensation. Other than that, the positive side effects are many. Bio Fragment HGH Peptide destroys fat, promotes lean body mass, does not affect glucose levels, helps strengthen bones, can improve sleep patterns for many and helps protein synthesis.



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