Payment Policy

About the PAYMENT METHODS, we use the different payment methods wich were designed and ajusted to be secured and private for both sides, and have been proved as such over long period of time. To ease secure payment processes,we personally contact the client with payment instruction within 12 hours after the order has been placed ! if you do not receive the message with  your  Order Detail ! from our sales representative in first 12 hours, please check your SPAM MAIL or contact us here .

Place your order and follow the instructions requested. At the end your order will be automatically sent to us and you will receive an answer in the shortest time.

Ours payment methods :

Choose your payment method : Money Transfer ( precise the money transfer option) ,  BITCOIN(You enjoy 10% discount additionally with the payment by BITCOIN) , Bank Transfer  and PAYPAL ( notify us in advance before making any payment by PAYPAL )…

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